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The Salmon Embassy Series

Two decades prior to becoming a goldsmith, my career as a wilderness guide has taken me away from the city to paddle and fish in remote coastal areas. These experiences are reflected in the designs and spirit of much of my work.

The Squamish Silver Slayer is the ultimate in a gentle release fly, due in part it has never caught a fish. The double beveled chisel tip prevents





deep hooks. You can play the fish and bring it to you; when you want to release the fish, simply release tension on the line. Fish then can spit the hook out easily.

One area of conservation which I have become passionate about is the plight of our salmon. It is predicted that the salmon will become extinct within a few decades. To prevent this unimaginable loss, action must be taken or this will become an irreversible reality of this keystone species.

The conservation society that I began in Squamish is called the Squamish Salmon Embassy. Its purpose is to promote awareness and action for this cause, and to encourage others to make it a priority in the their public voice. Our ambassadors are teachers to the Fisherman's Salutation, which expands perceptions, to help understand the order of the universe through deepening our connection with salmon and our environment.   

I began creating a series of pieces which evoke the theme of fishing and the spirit of wholeness in nature. In the tradition of First Nations beliefs that animals and people are all one with nature, my silver hooks were forged under a cold moon to ensure they will hook the powerful members of the salmon people. We need them to work with us to clear away evil spirits and ensure the Salmon People will stay forever.

A percentage of all sales go to the Embassy to promote and take action for this cause.

Eventually all things merge into one,

And a river runs through it.

The river was cut by the world's great flood.

And runs over rocks from the basement of time.

On some of those rocks are timeless raindrops.

Under the rocks are the words,

And some of the words are theirs.

I am haunted by waters.

                            Norman Maclean

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