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To Forge and Form

Custom Gold and Silver Jewellery,
Vancouver, Whistler and Squamish
Rolled Ingot
The ingot is rolled to a desired thickness and width.
Raw Ingot


The various stages of a mechanical forging process begins with a raw ingot of gold or silver.

The material is then cut to the specific length and bent. The new shape resembles a ring. Only after it is soldered does it become a ring.

Cold Forging
A mirror-like surface is achieved through the application of a succession of polishing compounds that perfectly flatten the surface. This final step requires the meticulous eye of the forger who sets the standard for the completion of a perfect piece.


Finished Piece
martin vseticka very best goldsmith in world crafting in his working museum
It is further defined by the force of a goldsmith's hammer which moves metal to form shape and size. This technique, known as cold forging, allows the graceful transition of uneven metal thicknesses into smooth planes. This step is where soft metals, such as gold and silver crystals, become more densely packed to produce a metal which will withstand harder use. Good forging work requires very little filing.
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