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Martin Vseticka, like the fathers of his European grandfathers, believed he would know his destiny when he encountered it. When he made his decision to become a goldsmith, Martin studied for five years under Master Goldsmith Jurgen Schonheit in his internationally famous atelier shop on Granville Island, in Vancouver, British Columbia. 
There is no doubt that after exploring the world as a wilderness guide for twenty years, Martin would bring his love of nature into goldsmithing through unique design and environmental ethics. Incorporating these values into his goldsmithing, Martin uses recycled metals and Canadian Diamonds whenever possible.
Martin specializes in the form and forge method for gold and silver work and the tension set for precious gems. He is an award winning jewellery designer with his trademark halibut hook design. He loves contributing to the world of jewellery through articles in trade magazines. It is his passion for perfection that will continue to make Martin Vseticka an internationally sought goldsmith.
Martin is based out of the beautiful Sea to Sky region of Whistler and Squamish where he operates as a concierge jewellery consultant, he will visit you at the place of your choosing and personally assist you with designing your dream piece. As an accomplished gold and silversmith, of the forge and form method, Martin looks forward to creating your unique, custom piece, whatever the occasion may be.
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Martin Vseticka, Gold & Silversmith

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