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martin vseticka the very best jeweler in whistler. martin vseticka makes the best jewelry in whistler

I am a smith through and through, I wield hammers to move and shape metal.  My traditional workshop holds antique European tools; key pieces that Gold and Silversmiths have carefully refined over the years. Hand forging is the best way of fabricating jewellery, as the craftsman has control over all aspects of assembling the object. Some jewellery today is marketed as handcrafted; a world apart from hand forged or hand fabricated. I hand forge because I value things that are precisely made by a craftsman, there is then also a personal connection to the object. What makes my work so pleasureable to make is I have direct contact with the metal throughout the bending, rolling, pulling and forging process. The contact remains through soldering and filing,  then the final stage of polishing the assembled piece. Unlike jewellery that has been cast from a mold (handcrafted), my jewellery has a higher metal density, therefore less pourous, making it stronger, scratch less and last longer.  As there are no rubber molds in hand forged jewellery, there is the satisfaction of knowing that it truly is a one of a kind creation.

Fine jewellery really speaks about who you are and what you value, perhaps even more than your clothes do. 

Tap, tap, tap... Each strike of the goldsmiths hammer hardens the metal and changes the shape and size.

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